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Ooguri is a theoretical physicist working on quantum field theory, quantum gravity, and superstring theory. He is working to discover mathematical structures in these theories and to use them to invent new theoretical tools to solve fundamental questions in physics.

Invited talks at Strings conferences

"Strings" is the most important annual conference in string theory and has been held every year since 1995. Ooguri has given invited talks at the following Strings Conferences.

Ooguri was an organizers of Strings '98, Strings 2003, and Strings 2018 (chair).

Other invited lectures

How to Quantize Gravity

Caltech's Feynman Centennial Symposium on 12 May 2018.

Summary Talk

Strings 2022

Summary Talk

Strings 2021

Princeton Lectures on Topological Strings

Institute for Advanced Study in 2014
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