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Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Ooguri has supervised many graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, and they are having successful careers.

Current Postdoctoral Fellows

Nathan Benjamin, Yuya Kusuki, Jacob McNamara, Sridip Pal (co-supervised with other faculty members in high energy theory)

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Yaron Oz Rector and Yuval Ne'eman Chair, Tel Aviv University
Jan de Boer Professor and Director of Graduate School of Sciences, University of Amsterdam
Kentaro Hori Professor, University of Tokyo
Csaba Csaki Professor, Cornell University
John Terning Professor, University of California, Davis
Katrin Becker Professor, Texas A&M University
Melanie Becker Professor, Texas A&M University
Oren Bergman Professor, Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Petr Hořava Professor, University of California, Berkeley
Andreas Brandhuber Professor, Queen Mary University of London
Jaume Gomis Senior Scientist, Perimeter Institute
Edna Cheung Professor, Najing University
Per Berglund Professor, University of New Hampshire
Shigeki Sugimoto Professor, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University
Yuji Okawa Professor, University of Tokyo
Sanefumi Moriyama Associate Professor, Osaka City University
Michael Schulz Associate Professor, Bryn Mawr College
Iouri Chepelev Assistant Professor, University of Cincinnati
Andrew Frey Associate Professor, University of Winnipeg
Masaki Shigemori Professor, Natoya University
Andrei Mikhailov Professor, University of Sao Paulo
Yutaka Ookouchi Professor, Kyushu University
Sakura Schafer-Nameki Professor, Oxford University
Joseph Marsano Postdoc, University of Chicago
Piotr Sułkowski Professor, University of Warsaw
Christoph Keller Assistant Professor, Arizona State University
Natalia Saulina Quantitative Analyst, Morgan Stanley
Stefen Leichenauer Research Scientist and Engineering Lead, Alphabet Inc.
Abhijit Gadde Reader, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Kazunobu Maruyoshi Associate Professor, Seikei University, Tokyo
Pavel Putrov Permanent Scientific Staff, ICTP, Trieste
Wenbin Yan Assistant Professor, Tsinghua University
Yu Nakayama Professor, Yukawa Institute, Kyoto University
Jaroslav Trnka Professor, University of California, Davis
Vyacheslav Lysov Fellow, London Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Ning Bao Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
Martin Fluder Postdoc, Princeton University
Mykola Dedushenko Postdoc, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics, Stony Brook University
Du Pei Postdoc, Harvard University
Ying-Hsuan Lin Postdoc, Harvard University
Natalie M. Paquette Assistant Professor, University of Washington, Seattle
Eric Perlmutter Permanent Member, CNRS, IPhT, Paris
David Meltzer Postdoc, Cornell University
Po-Shen Hsin Postdoc, UCLA
Julio Parra-Martinez Assistant Professor, University of British-Columbia, Vancourver
Monica Jinwoo Kang Postdoc, University of Pennsylvania

Current Graduate Students

Jaeha Lee

Former Graduate Students

Zheng Yin Professor, University of Science and Technology of China
Harlan Robins Full Faculty Member and Program Head, Computational Biology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Jonathan Tannenhauser Lecturer, Wellesley College
Jongwon Park Director, Barclays Capital
Peter Lee Portfolio Manager, Citadel
Takuya Okuda Assistant Professor, University of Tokyo
Paul Cook Partner, Silvertree Capital
Jie Yang Assistant Professor, Beijing Center for Mathematics, Capital Normal University
Masahito Yamazaki Professor, University of Tokyo
Tudor Dimofte Professor, University of Edinburgh
Chang-Soon Park Vice President, Morgan Stanley
Jaewon Song Associate Professor, KAIST
Bogdan Stoica Postdoc, Northwestern University
Petr Kravchuk Lecturer, King's College, London
Lev Spodyneiko Postdoc, MIT
Tzu-Chen Huang Postdoc, University of Chicago